My wife, Erica, and I at her old college house

I’ve been reading the book “Blog Wild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging” by Andy Wibbels. It inspired me jump into blogging again. In college I maintained a personal xanga blog. It was only read by friends, usually, but it ended up landing me my wife.

Erica and I met through a local campus organization at Ball State University in Indiana. We spent time together in groups and eventually decided to date. It was good, but we just didn’t connect – or at least that’s what Erica thought when she dumped me. We tried to seperate and move on, but kept reading one another’s posts. We both knew that the other person would read, so we ended up directing our writings at each other, carefully disguising information we didn’t want friends or family to understand. Eventually the blogging worked. Two weeks ago today we got married!