My dad has cancer. We found out a week before my wedding. It started as an annoying sore on his tongue. When it continued to grow Dad was forced to have it checked out. He started with our dentist, who immediately set up an appointment for that afternoon with a specialist in Indianapolis. They did a biopsy to discover that it was cancerous. Last Thursday Dad had surgery to remove about 1/4 of his tongue and check the lymphnodes in his neck. We hope to see him return home by Tuesday; and we will get the results from his lymphnode test by Friday. This will tell us if he is now cancer free. If they find anything in the test then he will probably have to undergo radiation therapy.

For some reason I haven’t been worried about loosing him. The prognosis was unnerving, sure; but I really think that Dad will make it through this time. Maybe it was Lance Armstrong’s book that gave me a positive perspective on surviving cancer. Armstrong is a stage 4 survivor. He had cancer in his testicle, lungs, and brain. While I don’t agree with his view of God, he story is undeniably amazing.