Erica and I had dinner at this great restaraunt called the Chart House in Daytona Beach. They printed our names on the menu, gave us a mouth-watering desert for free, and handed Erica a rose after the meal. It was beautiful. On our way out the door, an older couple stopped us. They had observed our prayer before the meal and wanted to offer their encouragement. When they found out that we were on our honeymoon, the older man gave us two pieces of advice:

1. Walk by the Spirit.

2.Keep short accounts.

“When do you think you’ll get a new job?” Erica asked last night on our way to Fedex. The question urked me for some reason, even though I’ve commented several times on how I would like to pursue something else. It’s like some evil voice inside of me was saying, “She doesn’t believe in you. Why don’t you have a job that you enjoy and do well in? You are just a loser.” Instead of being mature about it, I just stopped talking. It was a very quiet car ride home. After an hour of TV and reading the newspaper, I finally cracked: “I’m sorry, Sweetie.” I apologized for taking out my frustration on her and for making her out to be unsupportive (she is actually incredibly supportive, standing by me even when I get annoying and complain). We had an evening full of tension capped off with sweet resolution. “Keep short accounts…”

My friend Jon had a very wise statement this morning at breakfast. We were talking about last night’s experience when he commented, “You know, I’ve never regretted apologizing.” The more I think about it, the more profound this seems. Every time I apologize – it is hard. But most of the time the apology results in restoration and peace where discord and dissention once dwelt.