I’ll admit it: I’m addicted.  I have been following Big Brother 7 on CBS.  It’s the all stars from previous seasons applying all of their manipulative powers into one action-packed season.  Last night Janelle won the power of veto.  But her antics took second place to the evil Dr. Will and his sidekick, Boogie.  They managed to win a plasma television, vacation, and $5,000.  Then they pinned their selfish winnings on the token homosexual in the house and managed to get almost everyone to vow to vote him out if nominated for eviction.  Unfortunately, Danielle (this week’s HOH) remained steady in her mission to erradicate the season 6 alliance.  This resulted in last year’s stud, Kaysar, being put up for eviction in Janelle’s stead.  Now I’m rooting for James’ eviction.  His game has been much better this year, but I’m still left with lingering distaste after his pouting last season.