“Man will either be challenged or he will be entertained.”

The guy who ran Muncie’s Business incubator and helped Eric, Jeremy, and I jump start our business was arrested for trying to solicit a 14 year old online to have sex with him.  So many things run through your mind when someone you know or once knew finds themself in this sort of situation – anger, confussion, and sadness.  I just feel sad right now.  My mind races to figure out how he could have been helped.  He was a pain-ridden man when we met him, his life ravaged by a messy divorce and cut off from community in muncie-tucky.   One night I was at a bar with classmates and saw him sitting at the counter…alone.  He greeted me as he went to leave, but then returned a minute later to ask for a ride because his car had been towed.  That’s how this guy’s life seemed to go.  He came across as likeable, a sort of gentle giant, but nothing went right for him.  God, please reveal Yourself to this man.  Show him Your love so that he won’t feel compelled to fill his life with phony attempts to bring happiness and satisfaction.  Bring some brothers and sisters of the faith into his life.  Reveal Your unconditional grace to him.

The quote at the beginning of this entry is from Brother Andrew’s book, God’s Call.  The words jumped off of the page as I read them.  I tried to read past the words but they resonated in my head, capturing my attention.  How true it is: we must be challenged or entertained.  I’ll talk about this more in a future post when I publish the letter I composed for a ministry dealing with the decline in church participation amongst 20-somethings.  But these words came to mind again when I read the news report on my pedafile friend.  It seems like when believers are not challenged and living in the mission of God then they move towards entertainment.