The other day I was bored and so I began rummaging through my office and came across George Orwell’s “1984”.  One of my liberal friends in high school gave it to me.  We had just finished Orwell’s “Animal Farm” at the time, and I decided I had had enough for a while and discarded the book to collect dust on my shelf.  Maybe it is my desire to be cultured, or maybe it is my need to take a break from the usual Christian or religious topics.  At any rate, I set out to read Orwell’s fictitious story of Winston and his rebellion against Big Brother’s inner-party.  I confess that it was actually good in that it provoked me to think.  The ending ticked me off, but the story and characters sucked me in.  I was even startled at one point when the author introduced an unexpected twist in the story. 

One of the topics of the book that fascinated me was this whole concept that “he who controls the present, controls the past.”  In the story, the political party of the time rewrites history to manipulate the masses.  This struck me because Dr. Del’s Truth Project videos speak of altering historical context as well.  It is a powerful thing to alter truth.  The repercussions of telling a different past are great and terrible.  Del uses the example of the pilgrims’ charter upon entering America.  A textbook used in schools had removed any item relating to God (which must have been a challenge since about 2/3 of the introduction stated the Pilgrims’ goal as being for the glory of God).  I say that changing the historical story is terrible because it seems like the goal is to remove God.  And removing God from His own story is like pulling the foundation out from under the house.  It just doesn’t stand for very long.