You’re driving through a typical neighborhood.  At the end of the street is an impressive rod iron gate that opens up to long black top driveway.  The “estate” doesn’t seem normal for this community.  But then again, nothing is “normal” about this house.  This house of fun, or “fun house” as it it affectionately called, is the home to a most unusual man and wife team who believe that their stuff is meant to be shared with others.

The fun house is owned by a Lilly employee who has converted his living space into a dream house for kids both young and old, complete with art studio, arcade games, and a lot of 3m masking tape.  He is more energetic at 50 then many of the 18-22 year old college kids who take part in his games.  The tradition began 12 years ago when six Ball State students who were attending a conference for Campus Crusade in downtown Indy had nothing to do one evening.  One of the students, Brent, knew of our fun house owner from high school days.  Brent said that he called the owner at 11 pm and asked if he could bring some friends over.  That evening has repeated itself annually with more students each year.

The fun house isn’t just for college kids.  Actually, the owner hosts youth groups in his home almost every week of the year.  I asked his wife if I could help out (I only live about 10 minutes away) and she handed me a calender for the next two months – each weekend filled with activities.  They truly have figured out how to open up their lives to hundreds of families on the southside of Indianapolis.  And the result has been an outpouring of love and support.  Thank you, fun house guy, for what you do to make the world just a little bit more, well, fun!