If you have some time, check out Steve Job’s intro of Apple’s new iPhone by clicking here. A phone, ipod, and web browser rolled together – I think this is incredibly cool and has the potential to shake up the cell phone market. At the very least, Apple’s entrance should motivate other cell phone makers to step it up a notch.

A few highlights from Job’s keynote:

  • Apple’s iPhone will be supported by Cingular
  • 4G model will start at $499
  • 8G model will go for $599
  • US sales will ship in June 2007 (following FDA approval over the next couple of months)
  • Apple filed over 200 patents in the past 2 years relating to the iPhone
  • Features include iTunes, iVideo, Safari, touch screen, Cingular network, Google maps, Widgets, etc…

In conclusion, two key strategies are present in Apple’s new offering:

1. make the product/application simple and easy to use

2. collaboration is essential

Speaking of collaboration, keep an eye out for an article in next Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal on a company called ePrize. They are hitting a sweet spot for generating new leads through online sweepstakes. ePrize utilizes ExactTarget’s email software.