Why must I watch the Apprentice?  Think about it – older guy with bad hair and rich parents creates a show about how great it would be to work for him.  Now, I have no doubt that he is a smart guy; but I have absolutely no desire to work for him.  The problem is that his show is like an accident on the side of the road – you just can’t help but watch.  Maybe my fascination lies in the dynamics amongst the characters on the show.

Please permit me to share my mentality behind how the show should be approached.  You see, if you win then you cannot get fired.  Simple solution = win.  Now, this is obviously easier said than done; but humor me for a second.  How do teams win?  The answer, I believe, is largely contingent upon leadership.  Kouzes Posner present a great frameword for evaluating elements within leadership in their book, The Leadership Challenge.  Also, Dr. John C. Maxwell presents an excellent guide to leadership in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  In his book, Dr. Maxwell teaches the principle that any organization or team cannot rise above the level of its leader (see chapter on “The Law of the Lid”).  And this brings me to Kouzes & Posner, who list “Inspiring a Shared Vision” as one of their 5 keys to leadership.  So my issue with the show is the contestants inability to focus their talents and resources on what is best for the team.  Inevitably, one or more contestants will lose focus and cause a team to perform poorly.  Maybe its doomed to failure when you bring so many egos together in one place.  Personally, I would much rather be a part of a team like the one found in the movie Miracle.  Now that coach understood leadership.