I’m kind of put out right now. The other day I called an employee at LinkedIn (think Facebook for business types only minus the pictures) to follow up on their request for more information. We had a productive conversation and I decided to send the person an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Tonight I recieved her response:

“Thank you for the invitation to connect however I’m afraid I’ll have to decline the invitation for the time being. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for managing my professional network and designed to help me maintain the connections I have…”

My first impression was negative. No. Scratch that. I was hurt. The words on the screen translated in my mind: “I’m more important than you, so get back to me when you are somebody.” And then it occured to me – why do I care? Really? Why would I yearn for someone’s acceptance who I have just met? My response was to do what any normal person would to take his mind off of the situation…I checked facebook.

And Facebook is where I stumbled upon an old friend’s profile. Something about her update led me to click on the link to her blog. Now I’m concerned. Things seem difficult. Why did she make that decision? Is she ok? Would I have been able to help if I had just died to my own selfish pursuit for recognition and focused on someone I already know and care about? I don’t know. And it makes me wonder how many opportunities I miss to impact the lives of friends.

Thank God He is in control and remains faithful even when I am not. And thank you…for your friendship. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you on LinkedIn should you ever look me up.