Do you ever wonder why the Super Bowl has a halftime show? Think about it: you wouldn’t expect to go to a concert and watch a couple of guys get up and throw a football during intermission, would you? And to make it worse, this year’s show features Prince. Couldn’t we think of something more interesting than watching an identity confused artist walk out on a stage and sing a few bars?

I suppose having an artist that I am not interested in sing will be helpful this year. See, usually I watch the commercials and then talk or eat during the game. Football is not that interesting to me unless I have some attachment to the team. But now the Colts will be playing and then their will be new commercials. I can’t leave. When am I supposed to reload on wings or chips? That’s right, Prince is the halftime show. I’ll have plenty of time to refill the Coca Cola, grab some bagel bites, and talk halftime commentary with fellow viewers.

Go Colts!