Erica and I have been working with our church’s college group.  The group consists of approximately 25-30 young people who are in the post high school to early vocation category of life.  In an effort to draw in more people for the summer months, we are planning a one day conference on May 19th.  Such a simple event: 1 speaker for 2 sessions, lunch and dinner provided, and a concert following.  Should be easy, right?  Not exactly.  Unfortunately we have been hung up with age old issue of a poor decision making process.

You have probably experienced this sort of thing yourself.  It happens a lot in business and not-for-profits and even in families at times.  Everyone does not want to offend anyone.  It’s a valid desire.  Kind of makes sense.  However, when a decision must be made, what happens when everyone does not agree on a common answer?  What can happen is bitterness.  That same desire to avoid offense leads to an unwillingness to state an opinion.  No stated opinion usually means that there is no buy-in from that individual.  They go along begrudgingly.  And worst of all, no one else even knows that something is wrong!

I’ve gone way off track considering that my original intent was to ask you to come to this event on May 19th.  I’ll post a link to the website when I get everything up and running.  It will be at Southside Bible Church from 11am-9pm.  $5 covers you for the day: 2 meals, speaker, concert, and tons-o-fun!