I have been thinking a lot lately about creativity in marketing.  In a conversation over dinner last week with a friend who provides sales and marketing consulting, he mentioned a story from his Fort Wayne, IN client.  A new retirement home wanted to create a stir amongst the aging demographic in town.  My friend discovered that one of the most trusted celebrities to this crowd was the weatherman.  They invited the local weatherman to the home’s grand opening, which turned out a huge crowd for autographs and pictures.

An article in the Indianapolis Star illustrates a lawn mower manufacturer, Magic Circle Corp., that is using out of the box tactics to get their name out there.   Their VP of Marketing is riding a lawn mower across the country to arrive in California.  He is promoting the company’s more environmentally friendly propane powered mowers.  The guys in the shop even managed to bump up the mower’s speed – he will be cruising down HWY 66 at 40 mph!