What do SMS and Chick-fil-A have to do with each other? Well, in my mind they should connect. Let me explain.

A popular email blog that I read called The Email Wars created a post that questions the appeal of SMS. I’m glad that an expert in marketing technology is asking the same question that often goes through my mind – what is the true value of SMS? Sure, SMS is all the buzz right now, but has anyone measured its effectiveness? His post made me ask myself, “When and how would SMS be the ideal way to reach a target audience?”

One of my favorite restaurants is Chick-fil-A. I love the story behind the company and the service I get when I eat there (“It is my pleasure!”). But I try to only eat at Chick-fil-A when I have a coupon because I think that their price points are high. In an ideal world I would like to pull up to a stoplight, spot a Chick-fil-A across the street, and receive an SMS on my cell with a coupon good for that day. Maybe it is just me, but personally I view communication on my cell phone as more immediate, while email is something that I might file away to revisit later. How powerful would it be if you could use the location of the cell phone combined with information on what businesses are in the area to determine the appropriate message? Factor in timing (send the Chick-fil-a coupon during a breakfast, lunch, or dinner time), and viola, you have a sweet SMS campaign that makes a lot of sense.

My prediction: the person or company that can integrate location into the equation for SMS will create the killer missing piece (and influence me to eat a lot more Chick-fil-a)!