Indiana’s property tax bill hit some turbulence this week in the House of Representatives. Politicians appear to be trying to stuff their personal interest topics into the amendments of HB 1001 such as placing a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Now, regardless of my views on marriage, it has absolutely nothing to do with property tax reform. Stop trying to squeeze non-related items into the proposal!

Let me be clear: I voted for unknown Greg Ballard in the last election. My decision was mostly due to incumbent Mayor Bart Peterson’s proposal to raise income tax for Marion County residents. This on the heels of opening my mailbox in early 2007 to receive a $5500 property tax bill. If the House does not address the problem of a broken property tax system with meaningful solutions, then I will vote for whoever is running against the encumbent. We will continue this process until someone moves into office who can get the job done

Here is what gets me: I work in a for profit software company. This means that at the end of the day we exist to make money. It seems kind of selfish when you put it that way, but it is true. On the other hand, government exists to serve citizens. We elect people to operate in different roles as public servants. The problem I have is that the company I work for, the one that exists to make money, has very good customer service. We listen to what customers want and make products that will enhance their businesses. Government, the people who are elected to provide solutions for problems within the community, can really suck at customer service. They get caught up in their own personal agendas and get nothing meaningful accomplished.

The upside to 2007’s property tax problem is that it has awakened in me an interest in what goes on within government. While I would like to be more involved, I really need to focus in at work to try to pay for property taxes this year.