“It’s critical to begin thinking about these new methods of storytelling [referring to YouTube and online video strategies] because another significant digital video innovation is looming on the horizon: dynamic assembly and personalization of video assets to produce hyperrelevant ads. Advertisers have used behavioral targeting in banner ads for years to deliver a more targeted ad to a user. A similar approach is coming in video: breaking the ad apart into individual components and then using smart business rules and targeting technologies to reassemble the ad (in real time) from a library of assets. With just minor tweaks to an ad’s concept to allow for versioning, an advertiser could quickly get upwards of 250 different combinations, dramatically increasing the likelihood that a message will be relevant to the individual who’s viewing it.”

This quote comes from an Avenue A Razorfish report on 2008 Digital Outlook.  I am very familiar with this type of dynamic structure within the email world.  Dynamically creating video based on viewer attributes – genius!