www.neighborino.comNeighborino is a fresh approach to homeowner association websites. Their web-based software is a simple, elegant solution to create a website for your neighborhood that will act as a powerful communication tool between neighborhood board and neighbors as well as amongst the neighbors themselves. Plan events, list classifieds for sale in an online garage sale-style format, or do a quick search to find Joe Neighbor’s phone number.

I asked Neighorino’s Eric Prugh a few questions about his start-up software company:

1. Who are your teammates? How did you meet and determine roles for your team?

“Two guys I worked with at my old job: Michael Kritsch and Joe Gallagher. They actually approached me with an idea to change the way a niche market approaches how they do websites, and we ran with it. We kind of used the current workflow we had in place as far as establishing roles, but we also wanted to make sure we stuck to the basics. We really have bought into the “Getting Real” philosophy brought forth by 37signals which basically states a number of things with one priority—design simple software that people will use. Get down to the basics. Once we’ve done the best we can in our simplest form, we can respond to the needs of our customers and grow from there.”

2. What has been your greatest accomplishment/milestone to date?

“March 11th we publicly opened the doors for Neighborino and are allowing neighborhoods to sign up for a free 30-day trial at our website: http://www.neighborino.com/. Getting it out to the public has been such a hurdle. We never knew when the right moment would be, or if the features we had in place were right. Ultimately just putting it out there and letting it ride will allow us to best figure out how we can use the software for our own neighborhoods and, in turn, how our customers can use it. We have all overcome numerous other hurdles as we stumble through the beginnings of what we hope to be a thriving business. Our inexperience has probably not gone unnoticed on any certain day!”

3. What is the biggest hurdle/pain that you feel that you must overcome at this point?

“Market penetration and scalability. We think we have potential to grow quickly, so we want to make sure we’re reaching out to the right audiences and differentiating our product in a way that appeals to homeowners, HOA boards, and HOA management companies alike. As we grow quickly, we want to make sure we have the right features, uptime, and speed to keep our current customers completely satisfied.”

4. What motivates you to continue to work when you are at this stage of building into your business without being compensated?

“The hope of being compensated, obviously. 🙂 Really though—positive feedback, internal chest bumping, and the overall vision of our business. We’ve set achievable fiscal goals for the year towards which we’ll push.”

5. If there was one thing that you could have done differently so far, what would it be?

“One thing we plan on improving in the future is our wireframing and concept stage. We’ll really harp on the details of simplistic and intuitive interface that is easier to understand from the getgo, get it up and running, and then improve upon it from there. We don’t want to stray once we have decided on what our blueprint for a feature or function looks like.”

6. Who has been the greatest source of encouragement and/or inspiration for you in your entrepreneurial journey?

“A lot of my inspiration comes from my family & my friends. I was raised to be driven and goal-oriented, too, which helps. My biggest inspiration throughout the project, though, has been my teammates. Their positivity and passion for the potential of our product has ignited me day after day to keep pushing forward toward a successful deployment.”