My sister-in-law is an incoming freshman at Ball State University.  Erica and I were talking with her last night when she told us the name of her potluck roommate.  Since I was curious, I pulled out my iPhone to look her up on facebook.  Facebook created an app for the iPhone that you download for free to keep tabs on your friends without having to visit the full site (which can be more of a pain to navigate on the small screen).  In my haste, I typed said potluck roommate’s name into the line for updating one’s status.  “Oh crap,” enters my mind.  Now thsi random person’s name is what all of my friends/contacts see when they log-in to their accounts.  Plus it added her to my newsfeed.

This is my mistake; and so I would not find the app so annoying if it could end here.  However, I could not find a way to delete the name from my mini-feed history.  In an act of desperation, I logged onto my in-law’s computer to edit my mini-feed and remove evidence that would incriminate me of being a stalker.

Moral of this story: don’t bother with downloading the app if you have an iphone.  Instead, log in to your account via Safari and save the page as an icon on your home screen.  The site will pick up on your iphone and optimize the view for easier surfing.  Happy stalking!