When you find someone doing a good job, sometimes you just have to publicly give them some props.  My wife and I have a lovely home that is listed with a realtor from Greenwood, IN, named Mike Duncan.  Mike isn’t your typical realtor sales guy.  He is detailed.  He is thorough.  He actually follows up.

Mike Duncan isn’t the only realtor I have asked to work with me.  The first guy, who will go unnamed, is actually a really well known realtor in our area.  I know him personally and genuinely like him.  However, his team never followed up.  They did not keep me posted on what they were actively doing to sell my home.  They never provided a new sign for my yard when the old one crumbled to pieces in the middle of my front lawn.  I even offered a multiple occasions to drive to their office 20 minutes away to pick up the new one!

Mike has been different.  I’ve learned quite a bit personally from his approach.  Only 3-4 people in his office, but they are selling a home every 3-4 days.  He uses technology to manage relationships.  Mike told me, “I have a systematized check-list for every part of the process; and the computer tells me what to do every day.”

Today I am lowering my listing price by $100.  Interest has slowed lately, which I know because Mike sends me weekly updates on internet traffic (below).  A slight decrease in price will refresh a home on the MLS just like fresh content help SEO on a website.  I emailed Mike to ask him for his thoughts on this strategy. He emailed back within an hour to let me know he thought it made sense.  I replied, “ok, send me the paperwork.”  Now I have an addendum attached to an email in my inbox to lower the price.  And someone from his staff is stopping by the house today to switch out the flyers with the lowered price!

My house has not sold…yet.  I want to move closer to friends, family, and church.  I want to settle in to a home that I know I’ll be in for 5 years.  This process is frustrating.  However, I am thankful for the effort and responsiveness that Mike has offered.  Let this be a seller’s insight for realtors: communication and responsiveness go a long way, even when you have not been able to deliver results yet!