Don’t understand the financial crisis going on right now?  You aren’t alone.  It is a sophisticated financial mess.  I moved from real estate to technology in 2006 because I saw this coming.  To understand the cause and effect behind the catastrophe, here are a few sources of information:

My December video post explaining subprime real estate  (humorous video).

5 Easy Pieces | 5 steps with 5 links to understand the situation

Video: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? | The first 5 minutes of this video are really thought-provoking.  Warning: it is one-sided.

Edit: This video worked yesterday.  Now the link will take you to, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group.” Seems fishy to me given the facts that the video presented while congress toils away today to attempt to make the most significant changes to the finance industry since FDR’s New Deal.