Let me be blunt: Websites that have music, video, or any other form of sound automatically play when you visit the site annoy me. I work in an office. There are many people around me. And I find it disconcerting to type in a web url for an online toy retail prospect, anxiously wait for the website to load, and then – BAM! – music blasts through my computer speakers. This usually leads to simultaneously muting volume while nervously glancing around to see who on my floor might be looking at me. I tried to work with the volume muted all of the time, but ended up missing phone calls because the ring works through the computer.

Now a personal confession: I violated my own rule. Just before Thanksgiving I posted an entertaining video. For some reason the video would automatically start playing when you visited this blog. It is a good video, so I let it slide. However, I found myself increasingly annoyed at my own blog. My desire to visit the blog and update posts began to wane.

So I am sorry. Today I was motivated enough to fix the video, which turned out to be really simple (new Youtube video past). This makes me wonder what else in life might involve a simple fix to make it a little less annoying.