Google yourself. What comes up in the search? Are you the top listing?

Today I searched for myself and discovered 1. this blog is the top search result and 2. that “Josh Colter – Orlando” outranks me on Facebook (#2 in the listing). Orlando Josh has a picture of him racing on a bike in tights. Since you won’t find me in that attire anytime soon, it might be a challenge to retake the lead on the merit of profile pic. Also, some “josh colter” from Bear Stearns is right there with me on Linkedin (note: Bear Stearns is listed as “past employment” for Banker Josh).

One way to keep tabs on your online brand is to use google alerts. I have alerts setup for myself, wife, company, and other things of interest. A frequent alert keeps popping up for “Joshua Colter” because someone wrote a fictional novel about a cowboy in the old west named Joshua Colter. I looked at the cover of the book on Amazon. Cowboy Josh bears about as much resemblance to me as tight biker shorts Josh.

At least I am only competing against cowboys, unemployed bankers, and tight-shorts bikers.  Steven Moody, a member of Brazen Careerist, recently wrote:

I am trying to get to the top of Google searches for my name, but competing with a Death Row inmate in TX and a con artist in Utah is proving difficult.

That’s a tough one, Steven. Normally I would suggest creating an elaborate Ponzi scheme to swindle millions of innocent people out of their investment funds as a strategy to overthrow your death row and con artist name-counterparts with the PR buzz you are sure to generate.  But I’m not Banker Josh and it seems like Bernard Madoff beat you to that one.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you aren’t a fictional character, crook, con-artist, murderer, past-employee of infamous financial institution, or willing to wear tight shorts then maybe you should consider starting a blog.  Hey, it worked for me.  You could use a free blog like WordPress, or if you are marketer at your company then check out Compendium Blogware.  Either way, the next time someone types your name into Google wouldn’t it be nice to be #1?