picture-2For some reason I have a knack for finding helpful things online.  It started with an emailed link from time to time to my partners.  Now we have taken to crowning the really good finds with the term “Find of the day” and made the discoveries into something of a game or contest among us.  It just seems selfish to keep some of these treasures of the web to ourselves.

Today’s featured “find of the day” comes to us thanks to Eric Clark. Eric, the organzied planner among us, has been maintaining a growing spreadsheet of web passwords.  He did this until discovering Passpack – a free online password manager.  Passpack took about 5 minutes to set-up and I can now manage that spreadsheet of passwords from a secure online portal.  Watch this video to learn more or sign up for an account yourself to test it out.

Hopefully our days of wasted password reset time are gone.