Visionary. Collaborative. Strategic.

Josh Colter is an email consultant with ExactTarget, a leading provider of easy to use one-to-one marketing software. His passion is to work with businesses to increase sales, improve customer relationships, and maximize competitive advantage.  These objectives are accomplished by using data to deliver highly relevant, targeted messages.

Prior to joining ExactTarget, Josh worked with real estate homebuilder Hansen & Horn. In 2004, Josh co-founded New Standard Media, a video production company that catered to the Christian retail market.  He also consulted with high-tech, high-growth companies through a not-for-profit organization, The Indiana Venture Center.

On a more personal level, Josh’s goals are rooted in his value system, which can be summed up with four words that each start with the letter “F”: Faith, Family, Finance, and Fitness. These values do not change from time to time or situation to situation. He can be found most weekends with friends at a Mexican restaurant, in the yard trying his hand at landscaping, reading a good book at Starbucks, or playing golf and basketball.